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Covid19 Information

Keeping safe.Following Government guidelines

We are living in unprecedented times and are trying to get used to the new "normal" way of life. Here in Lymehurst B&B we are doing our utmost to keep guests safe while they stay with us.

These past few months have been a long and worrying time forall of us and I know we are all fed up of living carefully and social distancing. It's the last thing that you want to think about when coming away on a holiday to relax but I will be following new Welsh Government Guideline to keep both guests and myself as safe as possible during their stay. I will email all guests prior to their arrival with this information on how we will be adhering to the guidelines but guests will have to play their part too.
Wales still has a 2-metre social distancing guidance as well as other protocol differences from England but as we all know guidance is changing constantly. If you have stayed with us before things may not quite be as they were but rest assured that the hospitality will be the same.

IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL PLEASE DO NOT RISK COMING. We’ve been advised that you’ll be unable to self-isolate at Lymehurst and will have to return home. If you become too ill to leave and need to stay this could prove expensive as the following guests will have to be turned away & found other accommodation and the rest of your stay will have to be paid for.

During your stay
There will be a hand sanitiser in the entrance hall, please sanitise your hands every time you enter the building. If you would rather use your own hand sanitiser that is of course absolutely fine, just as long as hands are clean on entry.

In the entrance and public areas common touch points such as banisters, light switches, door knobs, will be wiped and sanitized regularly but if you want to do your own wiping down feel free.

Here in Lymehurst for hygiene reasons we prefer guests to remove outdoor footwear before going upstairs, so please bring slippers /indoor sandals to wear while staying with us.
It has been recommended that accommodation providers make the guest rooms as minimal as possible to reduce possible infection transfer. On this recommendation I have removed hairdryers, hot water bottles, playing cards, solitaire, sewing kits, extra coat hangers, tourism leaflets, cotton buds, pads, flannels & extra blankets but they are available if requested.

I already use duvet, mattress and pillow protectors that are washed after each visit but now I will double up on pillow protectors to add extra protection. If you’d prefer to bring your own pillow then please do.

Soap, shower gel and conditioner bottles will be available in the en-suite as these can be sanitised after guests leave.
Guest rooms will have a thorough airing, cleaning and non-porous surfaces will be sanitised before new guests arrive. As the Government advice is to have the least possible contact and to prevent cross contamination guest rooms will not be serviced unless staying for 2 nights or more or if requested.

When guests go out for the day, mugs, water jugs, teaspoons & milk flasks can be left outside their room along with tied rubbish bags. If you’d like your towels to be aired outside (weather permitting) they can be placed into the plastic bag provided and also left outside the room. If you require more beverages leave the container outside the door. On your return you’ll find your clean mugs fresh milk etc. waiting for you. If you would prefer to use your own toiletries, hairdryer, pillow, mugs etc. by all means do.


I ask that all guests pull back their bedding/duvet and leave a window and their door open when they depart.

Guests will have a wipeable breakfast menu in their room and will be asked to write down what they want for breakfast and their preferred time. This list can be left on the dresser in the hall when guests go out for the day. Breakfasts will still be at 15 minute intervals from 8.15 to 8.45.

Each table will have its own sauce bottles, salt, pepper, cereal containers etc. for their sole use.

At the moment Wales has a 2 metre social distancing guide. In our breakfast room it is possible for two sets of guests to have breakfast with this gap between them.
The breakfast room will be well ventilated

This is all very alien and is constantly changing but I’m sure we’ll be able to find a way through it all and that you’ll all still be able to enjoy coming to Llandudno and have a relaxing stay
Let me know if you have a problem, need anything or are uncertain about something.

As I no longer have a card terminal payments will be by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Everybody is learning how to deal with the new “normal” including me! So bear with me while I try to work out how best to provide a safe comfortable place for you to relax in. If you have stayed elsewhere or have any helpful suggestions do let me know. I’m on a steep learning curve.
I look forward to your visit.
Best Wishes

Hospitality remains the same while keeping safe